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Escape, relax and recharge...
Your retreat by the river awaits

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Where you can find us


We are located in the heart of Upper Allyn. Situated along the Allyn River you can access the Barrington Tops National park and a variety of other attractions. To learn more visit the link below.

St Helena River Retreat

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Our Story


We bought our beautiful farm in May 2015. We were drawn to the natural beauty of the
landscape, with its rolling hills and crystal-clear river, as well as the history that was held
within the old buildings, orchards, and timber cattle yards seated beneath the magnificent old

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At St Helena we have two beautiful cottages to choose from. The Dairy sleeps 4 featuring a queen bed and double bed with an outdoor bath. The Grainery sleeps two and is more suited to couples with a view down to the river.


We also have a neighbouring riverside house just 2 minutes down the road called Cedarwood. Set amongst the treetops, alongside the river banks, this house sleeps 8 people.

Escape the daily grind, relax by the river, immerse yourself in the rainforest & recharge in the

fresh country air!

St Helena River Retreat is where you come to completely switch off, immerse yourself in nature, swim in the fresh river water, sit by the fire with a glass of wine and star gaze in the open country sky. 

Resist the urge to check your phone and enjoy the sounds of the river.